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Honor To Us All (Mulan/Legend of Korra Parody)
Adriana Figueroa
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I’M REALLY ENJOYING WATCHING EVERYONE FANGIRL OVER IROH LATELY… so I’m just going to leave this here for you guys. I thought it would be kind of appropriate — I mean, could there have been a better song to do this to?! …IT NEEDS TO BE FINALE DAY NOW — THAT IS ALL. ♥

Iroh, dear
Have no fear
Fandom welcomes you
So come right here
Fire nation hottie drawing near
You’ll bring honor to us all

Wait and see
When we’re through
There’ll be piles of fanart
Drawn for you
Lots of swooning and some fainting too
You’ll bring honor to us all

A guy can bring his fanbase lots of honor in one way
Just help the Avatar
To win next Saturday

Tall and smart
Sharp and true
Just like Zuko
And your namesake too
We’re already so in love with you
You’ll bring honor to us all

With Fire Nation amber eyes and dapper raven hair
There’s nothing we can do
But sit in awe and stare

Darling, you’re everything
We all hoped and thought that you would be
We’re so glad you’re here and finally
You’ll bring honor to us all

(Download and bring some honor to your family here on Mediafire! ♥)

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    Honor to Us All, Adriana Figueroa (Estados Unidos da América, 1992), 2012. Paródia da música de mesmo título que aparece...
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