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Human!Impala episode: The one where the Impala is turned into a human (Ian Somerhalder) and Dean can’t accept that the car he’s called Baby for years is a man. The Impala, Baby, takes Dean out for a drink to try to get him to talk to him.

Baby: Why can’t you even look at me? I’m still Baby.

Dean: Baby is not a dude. I want to know what happened to my car.

Baby: Here, have a drink. Chill out.

Dean: I’ll take the drink but I will not chill out until I get MY Baby back.

Baby: We’ve been through this…

Dean: Fine, tell me something only Baby would know…

Baby: I’ll give you three examples, big boy. First, you’ve rebuilt me from the ground up, twice. Second, you hooked up with that semi-angel Anna in the backseat of…me as her last night on earth as a human.

*chuckles and smirks*

And, most of all, I know what you did with that cute angel in the trenchcoat in the backseat…*imitates Dean moaning* Oh Cas!

Dean: *ultimate bitchface and silence*

Baby: Secret is safe with me, stud. *leans in close* Also I know you have another handprint scar on your ass. 

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