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I couldn’t have said it better myself.

holy shit i did not know about this, thank you

This exists. 

They put it up for debate even after its introduction, and it was reintroduced.

Holy christ.

….yeah uhm I did some quick research and as far as I can tell this is accurate.

Which makes me watch to puke.

ALSO consumers boycotting has been proven to succeed in the civil rights movement? Everyone trying to trivialize this as ‘haha look at silly little tumblr trying to play activist’ is really getting on my wick because YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE BY NOT EATING AT THIS FAST FOOD PLACE, especially if you encourage others to do the same. 

(might be an idea to avoid wendy’s too, as they’re supporting them, but make avoiding chick-fil-a the goal.)

My parents told me I shouldn’t try to ruin a business just because they don’t share the same views as mine but when those opposing views lead them to aiding the murder of people I’m not going to stand for it, sorry Mom and Dad.

So glad I don’t eat there

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    I get really pissed when ever I pass Chik Fil A at the MU… I am SO glad my friends all refuse to eat there.
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    This is a more straightforward example, but people saying that ‘even though what Chik Fil A is doing is wrong, they’re...
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    I don’t support chick Fil A’s decision, but people are absolutely crazy if they think boycotting it will make any...
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