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aw ok wrong person to fangurl bout. i liked toby i mean andrew is way cuter but i have my ups and downs on the new reboot


Well I didn’t like Toby. I found him to be a whiny bitch. (Excuse my language)

I’m starting to get into the comics and such. And comic!Spiderman isn’t like Toby!Spiderman. Andrew’s was a lot better. I saw more snarky-ness and geeky-ness and such in Andrew. I also liked the fact that MJ wasn’t in the recent one and is going by the comics. MJ isn’t introduced to Peter Parker until he is in college (if I remember correctly).

And then there is a lot of other pet peeves. 

But what ever. You like what you like.

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  1. chiquitace said: its true we like what we like. but yea i agree with emma doing a great job as gwen but in the end eventually the franchise is going to head in the direction of the comics meaning gwens fate is certain. while ima guessing MJ will come at some point
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