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but they did kinda foreshadow that in the movie when pete threw her out the window. and emma confirms she knows that gwens fate will eventually have to come in the series. but i still like this reboot b/c they have a story goin on vs. the original

OH GOD I KNOW. When he threw her out the window I almost cried. I was like: NO PETER STOP. YOU ARE GONNA KILL HER.

I seriously thought Gwen was gonna die. But then she didn’t and I was like: YES. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN TOO SOON.

yes and same. I’m glad they are getting their act together with the reboot.

August 15th 2012 1 note
  1. chiquitace said: well i hope they keep it together cuz i dont want to see the story end up with weird storylines. but yea poor gwen least she was ok. bit scared but ok
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