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Name: Rebecca

Status: fangirl, photographer, artist, editor

Favorites: Star Wars, Doctor Who, Disney, FMA, Avatar: the Last Airbender and Klaroline.

I use the tumblr app 95% of the time.


~Giveaway Time~

Ok, going to make this quick. Homestuck plushies. Sprites. Giving them away because I can’t take them with me.

Plushie features~

  • All made with cuddle fabric, and are about 3 ft tall in height
  • Davesprite: feather collar, detachable wing via velcro
  • Nanasprite: Hands (arms) detachable via velcro
  • Jaspersprite: Shiny fabric used for princess hat and vest
  • Jadesprite: CRAZY FLOPPY AND FUN (is that a feature idk)


  1. Reblog/like unlimited, don’t get crazy
  2. Giveaway/side blogs fine
  3. Ship anywhere in USA; if outside USA, there might be a small shipping fee
  4. Will be 2 WINNERS; first will receive Nana and Jaspersprite, second will receive Dave and Jadesprite
  5. Will contact winner via ask box
  6. Giveaway ends SEPTEMBER 2ND AT 11 PM EST. 1 week.

The point of the single week timeline is so I can send them out myself before I leave for school.  K that’s it thanks~! ♪(┌・。・)┌

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