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are we better off than we were four years ago?


  • my gay friends can serve openly in the military; they no longer have to face discharge for their sexuality. 
  • my insurance has to pay for my birth control and mammograms.
  • my dad’s heart disease will no longer be a preexisting condition.
  • nor will i have to pay more for a health procedure than a man would have to for the same condition.
  • holla @ the lilly ledbetter fair pay act of 2009.
  • lgbt* marriage is now on the democratic platform.
  • stimulus package saved a shitload of jobs like gm workers.
  • the restrictions on stem cell research have been lifted. 
  • federal hate-crime law now includes crimes motivated by a victim’s actual or perceived gendersexual orientationgender identity, or disability thanks to the matthew shepherd and james byrd, jr, hate crimes prevention act. 

you know what? yes, yes we are doing better. 

don’t forget the Dodd-Frank act, as imperfect as it was, creating tons of new regulation to prevent banks from engaging in the kind of high-risk speculative activity that helped cause the ‘08 banking crisis

the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection being created

also hella fucking tax breaks and tax preferences targeted at small businesses to make life easier for them during the recession through the Obama stimulus

Obamacare beginning to close the Medicare doughnut hole, also telling insurance companies they have to spend 85% of premiums on health care rather than administrative stuff

I know that saying that we’re better off today than four years ago is like saying we’re knee-deep in horse shit rather than hip-deep, but yes we are better off and I’ve seen nothing in the GOP platform to indicate they’ll be getting rid of the remaining horse shit at all

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