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Ongoing Mexico Revolution - Ignored by the Media

Mexico, July 11, 2012. The largest protest in human history. USA and UK governments pushed the press not to publish. Google censored videos on youtube and restricted keywords on this event.

The Mexican media has blacking out the protests against their new government, who have been accused of doing everything from buying votes to buying off the media.

If the corporate media won’t spread this story, then let’s spread the story. Share this all over your pages and your friend’s pages and help support the democracy movement in Mexico.

What’s going on there?

there was an electoral fraud, mexico’s next president will be an illiterate man who has never read not even 3 books on his life and was imposed by the media and the party who ruled for over 70 years, he exposes clear misogynistic and homophobic behavior, his closest collaborators have been linked to the organized crime (that has mexico currently terrorized), and despite massive protests like this all over the country and people gathering proofs of the fraud, the federal electoral institute has ratified the election as legitimate and even paceful, when there is documentation of people being beaten up and/or held against their will while trying to supervise that the elections were clean

is this for real

Mexico’s Revolution will not be televised

If this explodes, are must of us are expecting to, I will fight, because that’s what someone who loves her country does.

I don’t care if I die, but if I do, I will doing and fighting something I believe in deeply.

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