Name: Rebecca
Status: fangirl, photographer, artist, editor
Favorites: Star Wars, Doctor Who, Disney, Sherlock, FMA, Avatar: the Last Airbender and Klaroline.


And now ALL THE PLANETS, with Earth first because of obvious reasons.

Earth: No real gender to this personification, Earth is whatever the people call it. Sometimes he’s a he, and sometimes she’s a she. Earth is the most lively, imaginative, curious, intelligent, and sometimes most childish of all the planets. It’s constantly getting into the business of other planets, especially Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Earth is rather intelligent, though can do some stupid things sometimes. It’s fragile, however, and extremely protective of its life forms, especially the humans, despite the damage they’ve caused.

Mercury: A competitive athletic girl, the fastest in the solar system. She’s upbeat and a little arrogant at times. She challenges everyone to races around the sun all the time, though no one ever takes her up on them. 

Venus: A rather patient and caring individual, she’s rather close with Mercury and Earth. Earth and Mars are her siblings, and she often keeps an eye out for Earth, shining her bright light on it whenever she comes to check in. She’s rather cheerful and has a brilliant smile.

Mars: A bit of a cold person, Mars is one who takes care of himself. Even though Earth is always bothering him, he tries to keep distanced from his siblings in general. He has many impact scars across his body and is used to the harsh terrain, storms, and freezing cold temperatures that he always has to deal with. He’s rather stoic, but he tries not to be mean, and is polite at the very least. He’s not very sure about the gift that Earth recently gave him, the Curiosity rover.

Jupiter: The big brother to all other planets. He’s the self-appointed protector of the inner planets and the largest of them all. He’s rather laid back and cheerful most times. Though he has taken far more impacts than Mars, he doesn’t scar as easily, and often just brushes them off as nothing without a word. He’s caring, but can be rather blunt sometimes.

Saturn: Mama Saturn, as some may call her, is a very outgoing and dazzling individual. Her ice jewelry is her pride and joy and never goes to a party without looking her best. She mostly keeps an eye on the twins, though she is also one of the few who actually pay any attention to Pluto anymore. 

Uranus & Neptune: Twin brothers who like to spend a lot of time together. Uranus is a bit…odd. He enjoys spinning on his side a lot, and thinks that Earth is his best friend [other than Neptune] since every time someone says his name, Earth likes to laugh. He’s a bit strange, a little awkward, but VERY outgoing and enjoys other planets. He’s the other planet that actually pays attention to Pluto, even though Neptune is closer. Neptune, however, is a lot less social. He’s kind of quiet and always has his hair in his face. It’s rather windy where he lives, so he doesn’t brother brushing it, it’ll just go back in his face anyway. He loves Uranus but worries about him a lot.

Pluto: Pluto is rather unnoticed these days. She was once part of the gang, but when she missed a planetary rotation party for being too slow, Earth decided to take her off the list. It seems pretty mean, but Pluto isn’t all that hurt over it. She’s always been quiet and shy, and doesn’t mind the few quality friends she’s made in Saturn and Uranus. Pluto mostly just likes watching from afar, and sometimes worries about what the other planets get themselves into, but she’s too small to do much anyway so she just stays in her little corner in the back.

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