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The most forgotten fact about Sept. 11th’s aftermath



One week after the attack, Iran held a candle-lit vigil in honor of the victims. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that if you peer at the upper left corner of this jpeg you’ll see that it is actually TIME Europe which documented this event.

Little known facts that should be made more public in the US



11 years..

Going on a 9/11 reblogging spree.

Reblog with where you were on 9/11 10 years ago


Got this idea from http://mikerockksisawesome.tumblr.com who asked for 9/11 stories, obviously being from England I could only tell the story of how I first heard about it. Here’s my example: 


9/11 story:  I’m from England and even here we remember exactly where we were when it happened! I remember being in school, last lesson. We were in the middle of writing an essay or something and one of the TAs ran in and yelled “AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK”. She put the TV on and we all watched as the plane hit into the first building, everyone was silent. Until the people started jumping from the buildings. That’s when we all broke down. 

I was actually in pre-school but I do remember all the teachers freaking out. If I remember correctly, someone came barging into the class room informing the teacher of something and all the grown-ups began to panic.  The next two hours a lot of parents came picked up their kids.  Later when my parents picked me up they turned on the tv the moment they got home and for the next three days the tv was on.  Even in the middle of the night it was on.  I remember watching the same footage over and over and over again, knowing that something was wrong.

Tomorrow, 8:46 am -10:28 am, everyone on tumblr should be silent, no postings or reblogging, from the time the first plane hit until the last building fell. Repost if your gonna do that.