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I don’t know what makes everybody so convinced that the interface merely looked like Rose instead of being actually Rose.  We still have no idea what the Bad Wolf was except that it had godlike power and it was a combination of Rose and TARDIS. How do we know that this wasn’t the ancient weapon? That it’s conscious was not actually a combination of the TARDIS and Rose? After remember who actually ended the Time War? It was the Bad Wolf. First by directly destroying the Daleks then by Rose going through the multiverse and guiding Donna towards the destruction of the entire Dalek race(No the whole abomination where Moffat brought back the Daleks as third rate vilains out of nowhere is something that i don’t acknowledge and never will). They even gave a nod to the Bad Wolf when Donna was stuck in the alternate universe and Rose brought her back

So all of this may very well be the Machine. Acting through all of space and time through direct and indirect means to finish the Time War once and for all

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Was I sad Rose and The Doctor didn’t interact (Hart = War Doctor) sure, but I was extatic to see Bad Wolf/Moment back I missed that character.
However, I think the important thing to note isn’t just that she came back, but that she really is the doctor’s visual manifestation of hope. Because without Rose the way 10 and 11 are represented would not exist.

Happy fiftieth Doctor Who!

Guys. I am dying . That 50th anniversary episode was soo great. Yeah there were a few things I didn’t like but overall it was beautiful. And that ending just brings me to tears with all the Doctors together!