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Name: Rebecca
Status: fangirl, photographer, artist, editor
Favorites: Star Wars, Doctor Who, Disney, Sherlock, FMA, Avatar: the Last Airbender and Klaroline.

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sub vs. dub

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america dancing sub vs. dub

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By Choco—mint.


The Bay and Ralph Lauren.

Inspired by this. Do you agree, or do you not? I admit USA’s uniform was obnoxiously hilarious at first sight, but after I’ve drawn it and looked long enough, it doesn’t seemed that bad anymore!



16 months with meine liebe <3 Te amo Quitita >o<)9 <3 <3

Oh my fucking gosh, es tan tierno el Prumano




My my, aren’t you a tall glass of water? And I just love moisture.


Dear diary,

Even though we’re not really related, I can’t help but wonder if I caught some sort of hallucination trait from England. I can’t see his crazy delusions, those unicorns and elves and fairies, no none of that… not at all. But sometimes when I go to my reservations I see the northern lights even in the middle of the day and far too south for them to show… and sometimes on whatever’s left of the prairies, I see bisons and hawks not found easily anymore…Maybe it’s not hallucinations….Maybe it’s all the native spirits Mother left behind… I should call Mattie and see if he’s seen the same.

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everything i love about hetalia in one photoset

i’ve finally found it… my favourite hetalia fan art<3

you who created this, you are amazing and thank you





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Reblogging this again because we’re going to talk about why this is one of my favorite RusAme pictures in the all of ever

First off, we’re going to deal with the whole idea of smoking. Not really as much nowadays, but in the time period I imagine this picture to be set (During WWII or immediately post war, so it’s seen as a harbinger of Things To Come) smoking is very much indicative of a kind of camaraderie or brotherhood. Sharing a smoke, bumming a cigarette, giving someone a light….still lingo that’s used in some capacity today and still a sign of friendship. 

But then that idea is tweaked a little bit beyond the mere symbolism of smoking by what’s actually going on in the picture…

You see, Russia was always one of the Big European Powers due to it’s utter size and manpower but it tended to lag behind in terms of advancement before communism took hold, especially with respect to industrialization and modernization. And even with its economy eventually bolstered by strides in heavy industry and technological advancement that originated with Stalin and grew in the postwar decades it always lagged behind the US in terms of consumer goods (which is arguably one of the reasons for the USSR’s fall). The lighter is representative of that, the symbol of consumerism and mass capitalism masquerading as a friendly gesture. 

This picture reflects their inherent differences as superpowers and it’s so great and god look at their expressions. Russia is suspicious and appraising, America is smug. It’s like they’re both entirely aware of what this simple actions means. 

It’s an almost playful action that nevertheless reflects more the serious undercurrents of competition within both a political and a personal context (and how the former translates and feeds into the latter and vice versa). There is friendship and there is camaraderie but there is also competitiveness and suspicion and the desire to one up the other by any means necessary.

I just like this picture so much and how it says a lot with very little

yes good



America and Canada have rapped their orders to McDonald’s before, with America speaking into the microphone and Canada adding a good beat.

#this is possibly the most canon thing i have ever read that has not actually appeared in canon


Alfred F. Jones skateboarding into your classroom saying “don’t do communism kids” and falling out the window


Hetalia:  America

some of my favorites of this wonderful man ( > ω o) 

Francis Rantis

by PlatinumSpeed
from PlatinumSpeed Voice Acting
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Headcanon: Since he was the one to name her, France gets rather upset when people mispronounce the name of Seychelles.

So, I thought I’d let him voice his opinion for a little bit.

I’m terribly sorry about the mic quality everyone. This is how my laptop mic sounds. I am to be gratefully receiving a new microphone soon, courtesy of my amiga, kP. uwu Until then, this is the last bit of proper voice acting reels for a while.