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Name: Rebecca

Status: fangirl, photographer, artist, editor

Favorites: Star Wars, Doctor Who, Disney, FMA, Avatar: the Last Airbender and Klaroline.

I use the tumblr app 95% of the time.

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 It’s really not that complicated. I’ve got red in my ledger, I’d like to wipe it out.

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loki meets loki

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Loki’s Childhood  ღ˘⌣˘ღ

Wondering what it will look like if I compiled my fanart chronologically

I have so many more I want to draw….:OOOO

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The fates do have their little surprises, do they not? No less for me than you, as my appearance gives stark testimony.

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make me choose: anonymous asked me Bucky or Loki? Both.

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Odin and Loki on Jane.

Isn’t it interesting that Odin says, in effect, “don’t attach yourself to humans because their mortality makes them unworthy” while Loki says “don’t attach yourself to humans because their mortality will cause you pain”.


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I know, it sounds like the most ridiculous lie…

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You still don’t trust me, brother? Would you? No, I wouldn’t.

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Frigga is the only reason you’re still alive, and you’ll never see her again. You’ll spend the rest of your days in the dungeon.

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