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Artist: off-broadway aradia
Title: the game


the game (originally ‘the call’ by regina spektor) - off-broadway aradia

can i just sing all regina spektor for the rest of my life jfhgk;sdfgh

cover is by the awesome joker-ace, and lyrics are by the reliable berryciesta and edited by me hehehe~

download on tindeck!


it started out with us children

we began a simple game

which then turned into a deadly war

that sent our planets up in flames

and then that war grew darker and darker

our friends were murdered before our eyes

but youll come back when i kiss you

no need to say goodbye

just because its a new session

doesnt mean it wont end the same

all we can do is try to reset our mistakes

as we go to scratch the game

lie down in your bed if youre broken or bleeding and dont be afraid to die

youll come back when youre god tier

no need to say goodbye

youll come back when youre god tier

no need to say goodbye

now were meeting our ancestors 

as we prepare to face our storys end

and just because most of us are gone

doesnt mean that youve lost all your friends

let these bubbles glow brighter and brighter

and let the dead arise

youll come back when we need you

no need to say goodbye

youll come back when we dream of you

no need to say goodbye

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LOKI by ~MuBai07

“What you have done could do nothing but kill yourself”

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