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“Padmé,” he said softly. Gently. Almost regretfully. “… We have all been friends for so long … and I hope we always will be.”

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The Theed Royal Palace Throne
Room during the reign of Queen
Amidala and Queen Jamillia.

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Wedge smiled. “Han Solo, you have to love him…”

"… or freeze him in carbonite, I know." Leia stared wistfully off into the distance. "He’s a good man. Even with his quirks and rough edges, I don’t think I can find better in this galaxy. And I’m not really interested in looking, either, but there are times when I wonder ‘Why him?’"

"If you ever have doubts, serious doubts, come see me. I can give you a dozen reasons to answer that question." Not the least of which is that it takes a guy as fast and sharp as Han Solo to keep up with you, Leia.

” —

from X-wing: Wedge’s Gamble

This little catch-up between Wedge and Leia may be my favourite little ‘quiet moment’ in this book :)

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prequels edition part 2/? (part 1)

witness my ongoing fascination with the two dudebros and mace’s glorious bitchface

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Star Wars Female Character Meme: Quotes (5/5)

"We have no time for sorrows, Commander."  
  - Leia Organa ( A New Hope)


NO BUT OKAY REAL TALK this actually says so much about Leia’s character. Like her first reaction is to shove her own personal hurts down. She is always putting other people and the Rebellion - and yes - kicking Imperial ass - before her own emotional and physical pain. Her default reaction to emotions is actually “ignore them” or “shove them down and pretend they don’t exist” or “cover them up with sarcasm and biting comments and being tough-as-nails”. Like, her whole chracter arc is her coming to realize that showing vulnerability and emotional hurt/attachment doesn’t make her weak (she literally says in one ESB deleted scenes “when will I learn not to depend on anyone other than myself”), and realizing that people take her just as seriously if she takes time to hurt once in a while. ((This translates into her relationship with Han too - I mean, Han has the same problem, but for different reasons (while Leia’s comes from growing up in war and watching her planet explode/people die and feeling responsible for them, Han’s is more from insecurity over being chewed up and spat back out by the world numerous times - but even so, they’re pretty similar) - and so both of them end up pretending that neither of them has feelings for each other - but Leia does it more than Han, because she’s more concerned with becoming attached to people/showing vulnerability.)) LIKE. THIS LINE MAKES ME SO SAD. BECAUSE THIS IS A SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL. SHE SHOULDN’T BE SO QUICK TO DISMISS HER OWN HURTS LIKE THIS. SHE SHOULDN’T BE FEELING RESPONSIBLE FOR AN ENTIRE REBELLION - HELL, AN ENTIRE GALAXY. bUT SHE DOES, AND SHE PRETENDS SHE’S NOT HURT AND PUTS ON A BRaVE FACE FOR OTHER PEOPLE, ALWAYS, AND JUST


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A long time ago, in  a galaxy far,far away x

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x i’ve wasted a lifetime pretending to be me x

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— Jedi Hunters — by wyv1

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How is that possible?

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